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We specialize in reducing balances on credit card debt, private student loan debt, medical debt and many other types of unsecured debt.


Transfer, cancel, terminate or liquidate your timeshare. Save money today with our RISK FREE! 100% Money Back Guarantee!


With over 25 years of experience inside the courtroom, you can rest assured that our team will diligently work to achieve positive results.


Whether it is an auto accident, slip and fall, or even a medical malpractice injury our legal team is here to help.

Comprehensive Legal Services to Meet Your Needs

Brownstone Law Group is a diverse law practice that specializes in a number of areas to meet the needs of our Clients.

Whether you are struggling with credit card debt and looking for debt relief options, own timeshare property that you would like to exit, have suffered serious injury because of another party’s negligence or need legal counsel for a personal or business matter, you can rest assured that the attorneys and staff of Brownstone Law Group are ready to assist you. We will utilize every tool and resource available to ensure the best possible outcome to your legal matter.

The attorneys at Brownstone Law Group have numerous practice areas:

  • Debt negotiation: Through this credit card debt relief strategy, ongoing negotiations are conducted with your creditors, all with an overall goal of paying back a lesser amount than what is owed.
  • Bankruptcy: If you find yourself overwhelmed with debt and struggling to make ends meet, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. You may be able to get your debt discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or you may be able to get it reorganized through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Timeshare Exit: Are you feeling stuck or locked into a timeshare property that you purchased under false or misleading pretenses? Did your health or financial circumstances change which has made travel not feasible anymore? If you own a timeshare and feel misled, had material facts omitted when purchasing your timeshare or have experienced a change in your health or financial circumstances, we may be able to help. Many people are not aware of potential maintenance fee increases or special assessment fees, have issues with booking or availability or needing to continually upgrade to book your vacation amongst other complaints. Don’t let your timeshare company bully you into thinking a timeshare exit is impossible.
  • Civil & Business litigation: Brownstone Law Group provides efficient, cost-effective commercial litigation for small businesses. The firm handles breach of contract disputes, assistance with transactional work, partnership disputes, and much more.
  • Foreclosure and Mortgage Modification Assistance: If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage and need somebody to help. We are here to represent and support you. It’s never too late to save your house.
  • Personal injury: The team at Brownstone Law Group can take on your personal injury case and go up against even the biggest of opponents and most complex challenges. The firm handles everything from slip-and-fall accidents to incidents of wrongful death.

Why Choose Us?

  • A Rating With the Better Business Bureau
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  • Established in 2010 With History Of Producing Strong Results
  • Many Satisfied Clients With Positive Reviews
  • Hands-On Approach Providing Personalized Service To Each Client
  • Flexible Program Terms Custom Tailored To Each Client
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Working Tirelessly Towards the Outcome You Need

With more than two decades of experience, the attorneys at Brownstone Law Group are fully prepared to take on your case and ready to work tirelessly to achieve the outcome you need. For more information on how you can benefit from the firm’s effective legal services, schedule a free initial consultation today!

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