Seeking Credit Card Debt help from a professional can be not only a daunting experience but also can be intimidating at the same time. You might ask yourself; what should I be looking for in a debt professional? What questions should I ask? What am I looking for in general? These are all valid questions and definitely information you should be aware of prior to seeking credit card debt help from a professional. Here are 3 tips to help you out:

  • Beware of companies that overpromise
    • Sticking with the traditional moto “if it sounds too good to be true (it’s probably false)” applies here. Unfortunately, some firms that provide Debt Negotiation services will often times overpromise and severly under deliver. Beware of companies that make claims of settlement at specific percentages, reducing your debt by specific amounts or getting out of debt in a specific amount of time. These are all things that cannot be guaranteed by anyone, ever.
  • Full Disclosure Is Key
    • A key component of Debt Negotiation or better yet, any debt relief program is understanding how the program actually works and the details regarding each option. Some companies are quick to enroll you without disclosing details regarding program fees, potential adverse program aspects or vital disclosures in general. Make sure to ask questions, write down responses and ensure you are getting the whole picture rather than what somebody wants you to hear.
  • Check For Accreditation, Licensing and Company History
    • Debt Negotiation firms can be accredited by a number of different entities. The Better Business Bureau is a good starting point. Check out your potential debt help professional online and see what their reputation is like. Chances are if you find positive reviews and information, at least you know you are speaking with a legitimate company. Law Firms are licensed by each respective Bar so checking with bar associates could be a good idea as well. Non law firms in many cases require state specific licensing so checking their legitimacy could be helpful.

Luckily, if you are open to receiving help with your credit card debt, there are firms that are willing, experienced and able to assist you. Knowing what to look for in a debt help professional is definitely key so we hope this helps you when selecting the right firm.

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This article has been reviewed and approved by Thomas A. Moore, managing attorney Brownstone Law Group, PC. California Bar # 148698. This article is for informational purposes only, does not provide legal or tax advice of any kind or form any type of attorney/client relationship. This article was published on July 29th, 2015


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