California Debt Relief Reviews: Brownstone Law Group

I greatly appreciate your efforts in the settlement with Discover Card.

I am truly blessed and grateful for your continued kindness in the forth going of my case.

Your understanding and patience during my personal hardship showed genuine care for a customer in need.

Solved with professional experience and enthusiasm, not to mention the consistent supportive tone and expertise in exchange of important information in solving the financial issue between the parties.

Again I like to express my thankfulness, during a time where cancer struck not on me but affected also my family, where one person made such a difference by working out this issue for me and took one worry off my mind till it was positively done!


Jersey City, NJ, January 9, 2019

I wanted to personally thank you for assisting my family and I through this rough time. We were overwhelmed in credit card debt and reached out to you and your team for guidance. We formed a plan that worked for us and achieved our goal in a timely manner. You and your team were very responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend your services. Thank you again. 


New Jersey, December 8, 2018

I just received my completion letter yesterday in the mail and wanted to pass along what a HUGE relief this is knowing I have completed your program and am now Debt Free. Thank you for all of your help with reducing the amount I owed to each of my creditors. I was truly drowning. All of my creditors are now satisfied – but the one who is truly the most satisfied is me. Thanks again for all that you do and throwing me the life ring when I most needed it.

New Jersey, NY, Nov 13, 2013

I wish to thank the associates of Brownstone Law Group for their fine efforts in the settlement of my unsecured debt. I would recommend this partnership to anyone in similar financial circumstances. The associates I communicated with were pleasant, helpful and accommodating in every way. The feature of their settlement program I appreciated most was its flexibility. When I started as a client with Brownstone, they established a 54 month program with a specific monthly payment. My personal situation soon changed which allowed me to expedite the settlement of my accounts. The course of my program was modified several times to accommodate my personal circumstances and I finished in only 18 months. The Brownstone program focuses on debt settlement and not just debt consolidation which is very important for anyone interested in resolving their debt issues. My overall settlements were less than half of what I originally owed and, as each account is settled, you have the peace of mind knowing that it is legally final. Once again, I appreciate the dedication Brownstone Law Group demonstrated in the settlement of my debt and I highly recommend their program.
Mr. G

Maryland , MA

Four years ago, I was like every other consumer trying to work and have nice things in regards to that. However, my spending became more than I was making. At first I viewed credit cards as means to justify charging for something I could not afford at the time and pay off next month. However, procrastination and reality began to become apparent when with one credit card I did not pay off as intended and then with a second card I did not pay off either in the following month. The dollar amounts began to grow overnight, and before I knew it a hundred dollars became a thousand dollars and so forth on one credit card and then another credit card. In addition, I had a change in jobs with a decline in my income. My wife had a change in her job and became unemployed. Then credit cards became a necessity to get by paying for living expenses than a luxury of spending money I did not really have. Before I knew my credit cards were maxed out, interest rates were extremely high, and I could not even afford the minimum payment per month. Financial despair, I became associated with a debt settlement program via Brownstone Law Group. This supportive group helped me to get an affordable repayment plan that was best for my situation. My situation was handled with respect and realistic expectations with the goal of paying the debt in full in relation to my financial income and expenses. After discussion, explanation, and an agreement of repayment, I was able to afford the monthly repayment, pay my debt off, and feel financially secure once again.

Los Angeles , CA, Aug 1, 2015

I reached out to the Brownstone Law Group in July, 2011 to help me absolve my financial debt based on a recommendation that I received from a good friend. I had five major credit cards with an aggregate balance of over $50,000 and I felt that I would never pay off the debt if I continued to pay the minimum balance each month. I was looking for the best way to become debt free through a settlement on the debt I owed, while avoiding the hassle of personally dealing with the credit card companies and collection agencies. I spoke with Scott at the Brownstone Law Group and he took the time to gather information about my current situation, to offer options and to ensure that all of my questions were answered. We spoke several times and he even took the time to drive to my home to go through the entire debt settlement process with me from A through Z. One of the things that made me feel at ease with the company was that they were honest with me in providing every possible option, including ones that would steer me towards other resources, such as credit counseling, which would not bring them any revenue. I felt that their straightforward and honest approach meant that they had my best interest at heart and it enabled me to trust them and want to move forward in using their services to help me settle my credit card accounts. It has been only 10 months since I signed up with the Brownstone Law Group, and I have paid off 95% of my original debt and I am looking forward to becoming debt free in the months to come. With each settlement offer, Scott has taken the time to personally reach out to me and explain the offer, what would be required to settle the debt and to let me know what my position would be after paying off the debt. He has always been prompt, thorough and very helpful in all of his communications, which I have appreciated greatly. In addition, Scott has worked with me to ensure that I could obtain the quickest road to success in becoming debt free by always taking the time to explore options and present various scenarios whereby I could meet my goals. Scott’s dedication to helping his customers is apparent in his work and he has a thorough knowledge of his business, which has been critical to my success in this program. It has been a pleasure working with Scott and the other staff members at the Brownstone Law Group because they have helped make my goal a reality. I highly recommend the services of the Brownstone Law Group to anyone who might be experiencing financial hardships and who needs knowledgeable, professional and personalized assistance in finding a successful way out of debt.
Ms. M

Los Angeles , CA, May 14, 2012


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