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Debt Consolidation Options in San Diego

If you are finding yourself buried in debt and looking for a way out, this article will explain the help that’s available in San Diego. While a cursory overview will be given, please understand we’re available for both face-to-face meetings and phone consultations to answer your specific questions. We encourage you to reach out to us today.

Seeking Debt Consolidation in San Diego?

Overburdened by debt? Wondering what is the best option today? While this depends widely on your personal situation, here is how most people seek remedy. The rise in mortgage loans made home equity the go to source for years, and for considerable reasons. Not only were these consolidation loans easy to obtain on the basis of collateral, but interest rates were also tax deductible. This caused a flood of people in San Diego California to tap their equity and roll in their bank or car loans. But the tide has gone out on this method of debt relief. As the real estate market changed, most individuals were unable to find approval. While tighter credit also brought personal lending restrictions, the solution now begin sought involves a new approach requiring a debt consolidation attorney who knows San Diego creditor laws. So how do these programs work? Let’s take a dive into the nuances of terminology being used to clarify how San Diego debt consolidation is currently being offered in the current marketplace.

Debt refinancing can be a viable choice when faced with high consumer debt. The refinancing process may secure a lower overall interest rate to the debt load and result in lower payments. This is often the case for consumer debt (home loans, credit card debt and car loans) and household debt (consumer debt of the adults in the household plus the mortgage).

When the debt reaches the point where a debtor is in danger of bankruptcy or other fiscal emergency, a consultation may be needed from a professional debt relief counselor.

Some options to consider may include

  • credit counseling
  • personal bankruptcy
  • debt settlement (debt is negotiated to a lesser amount)
  • debt relief (part or whole of an individual debt is forgiven)

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Turn to a San Diego Debt Settlement Attorney

Lawyers in San Diego have often been associated primarily with bankruptcy representation, but this is changing with the advent of stricture means test qualifications. Whereas consumers could easily qualify for Chapter 7, California courts sometimes require a repayment plan instead. While sometimes a fit, it not always solves the short and long term financial objectives consumers have when it comes to debt relief. This is where a debt settlement attorney in San Diego can play a crucial and strategic role in your plan. Prepared with both legal and local knowledge, a lawyer can put you on equal ground when talking to your creditors. This is also true in the case of car loans or anything that falls under the jurisdiction of collections. If you’re facing bills that are mounting, but you aren’t interested in pursuing bankruptcy in California, finding a company for debt relief who staffs lawyers makes a lot of sense.

The Best Debt Settlement Companies in San Diego

A quick search for San Diego companies will yield a lot of results. Some firms are based in other states, which is fine if you don’t care to have local representation or an office you can walk into. Brownstone offers San Diego debt settlement programs that not only work with our monthly budget, but also provide hope for a brighter future that no longer involves debt burdens that haunt you. Run by attorney’s, we can help you understand the pluses, minuses, and everything in between when considering a settlement plan. While empty promises persist in the debt relief industry, one thing is true. Brownstone is here to look out for your best interest. We will sit down with you in our offices to explain how you can chart and fulfill a realistic plan to become debt free. There is never a fee to discuss your personal situation with our counselors, so we invite you to consider debt settlement in San Diego Ca with a legal firm who is committed to your long term success.

Does Credit Settlement Make Sense for You?

Debt settlement is also known as debt negotiation or credit settlement and is a process of debt reduction in which a reduced balance will be agreed upon as payment in full. During the negotiation process, creditors agree to reduce the debt in exchange for a lump sum payment. Success is determined when the creditor agrees to forgive a percentage of the balance. Normally unsecured debts not secured by real assets can be settled.

Professional settlement services may make sense for consumers seeking an alternative to bankruptcy while still lowering their debt. Debt relief companies typically have existing relationships with credit card companies and may reach a settlement faster and at a more favorable rate than a consumer trying to settle on their own.

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What is Debt Negotiation?

Many people are often confused by the disparity and consistency of terms surrounding debt relief programs. One question we often field from San Diego residents is this. Is debt negotiation the same as settlement? The answer is yes. While different terms are used, you can know the same end goal is achieved by negotiating, settling, or resolving you loans that are included in San Diego debt relief programs that bear these names. The important thing to ask any company you are considering is this. What is your historic track record with customers and how many have you served? This will speak more than any claims of percentages or time frames their advertising may boast. The most crucial elements to seek in any debt relief company in San Diego is experience, service, and proven results. Ask about customer testimonials, settlement letters, and the like.

Debt Relief and Restructuring

Debt relief, a partial or total forgiveness of debt, is yet another option that ought to be considered when speaking with a debt counselor. Oftentimes, it is in the best interest of credit card companies to offer debt forgiveness as a way for consumers to avoid the possibility of bankruptcy.

Debt restructuring, replacing an existing debt with a new debt, is another avenue that may result in reduced of the consumer debt.

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If you have unreasonable debt loads, loans you struggle to repay, and concerns about your financial future, then it’s time to contact Brownstone Law Group for debt relief in San Diego CA today. Our trustworthy and reliable financial counselors can help you better understand your monthly budget, your upcoming goals, and the best way to eliminate debt to secure the future you deserve. Let’s talk today about obtaining your financial peace.

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