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is happy to serve San Diego’s legal needs in a wide spectrum of professional services. If you are experiencing financial hardship, civil litigation, or personal injury, please read on to understand how we can help facilitate and direct your case.

Debt Settlement Services:

Many people in San Diego have incurred large consumer debt balances in recent years, and are searching for the best way to quickly and ethically resolve them. Debt settlement is a debt relief option that can help you negotiate with your creditors to obtain financial freedom outside of bankruptcy. While it isn’t an option for everyone, it may help you settle your obligations in 36-48 months so that you can escape the burden of growing debt balances that would otherwise be hard to control. The staff at Brownstone Law Group can help you evaluate the program to see if it’s right for you. Contact our San Diego Debt Settlement offices today to find out more.

Bankruptcy Filing:

There are times where filing for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy is the best financial decision for your situation. There has been a sharp rise in bankruptcy filings in San Diego in recent times, and this represents the fact that wages haven’t kept pace with the cost of living. With underemployment high as well, many residents have found it difficult to make ends meet. If you qualify for a repayment plan, it’s possible that you can pursue a bankruptcy plan that can help you resolve both secured and unsecured debts. There are many stipulations to bankruptcy, and onerous rules make it hard for consumers to understand their qualification. Our experienced attorney’s can evaluate your unique situation and offer guidance on the best course of action. If you’re considering bankruptcy call us today.

Personal Injury Representation:

Have you or a loved one experienced an unfortunate injury where negligence exists? This could be a home, work, or automobile accident that has left you with medical bills and/or reduced capacity to manage your daily life. It’s common for insurance companies to withhold payment and cooperation today and thus professional representation is often recommended to ensure you’re receiving what is justly yours. It is very difficult for San Diego consumers to evaluate offers of compensation on their own, as it is an unleveled playing field when dealing with professional 3rd parties. Instead, let Brownstone look after your interests so that you can find peace of mind knowing you’ll receive the damages you deserve.

Civil Litigation Representation:

At times, employment and contractual agreements come under strained pressure. While personal resolution is always desired, sometimes litigation is required in order to redeem the situation. Our legal professionals are experienced in the San Diego court system, and can help you learn the best remedies for civil litigation cases. If you are seeking redress for an employment or business contract dispute, please contact us today. You want time on your side when designing the best strategy to recover your breach of contract.

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If you have legal needs that require professional attention, we are here to speak with you today. Call or visit our San Diego offices for expert legal advice, rounded consultation, and clear perspective that will help you navigate your decisions in the best way possible.


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