Foreclosure and Modification Assistance

Foreclosure and Mortgage Modification Assistance

Your home is more than just an investment. It’s where you live out your dreams, raise your family, and find security. Unfortunately though, life can sometimes spiral out of control, leading to financial difficulties that make it harder and harder to make payments on your property. Being in a situation where you might lose your home due to foreclosure is extremely stressful, and emotionally draining. In this state, you might need help from a foreclosure modification attorney to negotiate positive terms on your debt to save your home on your behalf.

Whatever you do, mortgage companies can be difficult to work with. They have teams of lawyers who are not looking out for your best interests.   Luckily, Brownstone Law Group is on your side. We will work with you, and your creditors, to find a solution that lowers your financial burden, and helps keep you in your home until your circumstances improve.

Mortgage Modification Assistance

If you are still early in the process of losing your house, banks are sometimes open to renegotiating your mortgage to help you pay your debts. They can extend the terms of your loan, allowing you to pay it off over 40 years instead of 30. In other situations, it might be possible to convert variable rate interest on your mortgage into a fixed rate, or secure a lower interest rate than what you originally were able to find. In extreme cases, a bank might even forgive a portion of your debt, allowing you to lower your monthly payments.

There are benefits and problems that can be a result of changes to your mortgage. We have worked with 100’s of individuals who have been in the same place as you, and can talk through your options to find a solution that works the best for you in the long-term. Banks are looking out for themselves, and might try to pressure you into a resolution. We want to make sure you do not agree to anything you can’t live with.

Foreclosure Modification Programs

Many of our clients first try to fix their finances themselves before they try to negotiate with their lenders. While sometimes their situations do get better, other times things continue to go poorly. At some point if you get too far behind on payments, your property will go into foreclosure. Still, this is not as hopeless as you might think. There are many ways an individual can obtain a foreclosure loan modification.

Either way, there is no guarantee a bank is willing to change the terms of your contract. Because of this, having a foreclosure modification lawyer with experience is essential to make sure you have the best chance to stay in your home. With our help, we will be able to identify different tactics to take to find a foreclosure loan modification program that meets your needs.

We Want to Help

You are not in this alone. We have homes; we understand how important yours is to you. Contact us today if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage and need somebody to help. We are here to represent and support you. It’s never too late to save your house.

If you would like to learn about the foreclosure and mortgage modification programs available to you, give us a call today: (888) 853-8871


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