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Are you an Orange County resident? If you are in need of expert legal representation in the areas of personal finance, personal injury, or civil litigation, we invite you to learn more about Brownstone Law Group. Our staff of experienced attorney’s can help advise you in the following strategic areas of consultation.

Filing Bankruptcy:

Most Orange County residents are not overly enthusiastic about the idea of filing for bankruptcy. However, at times financial duress can reach levels that call for an honest evaluation of your best debt relief option, and it’s possible that Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy may be what’s best for your situation. Did you realize that more people have filed bankruptcy in recent years than in decades prior? The financial recession, combined with increased job losses has resulted in higher than average debt balances and mortgage loans that are not always sustainable. For some Orange County residents, this has made bankruptcy a financial planning tool they had previously never considered. While shame and stigma may cloud their decision making ability, we at Brownstone understand that your financial struggles are not always your fault. Even in situations where valuable lessons can be gained, speaking to a trustworthy and caring attorney is your first step to overcoming your financial challenges. If you’re considering bankruptcy, let’s talk today.

Debt Settlement Programs:

Debt settlement is quickly becoming a viable debt relief option for many people in Orange County, CA. While some confusion persists on the mechanics of this innovative financial product, the premise is quite simple. If you owe more in unsecured debts than you can afford to repay, but are unable or unwilling to consider bankruptcy or debt consolidation, this option can help you satisfy your debts for less than was previously owed. This presupposes that you are unable to make your monthly payments to creditors, which is what incentives them to negotiate for less than your original balances. In this case, Brownstone Law Group can represent your interests, facilitate settlements, and document your satisfied balances. While several caveats exist that cause debt settlement to require full disclosure and sober consideration, it’s a viable relief plan that has helped many people in Orange County California “reboot” and find a fresh start. Learn more about our Debt Consolidation and Debt Services for Orange County CA.

Civil Litigation:

Another service we provide is representation in civil litigation cases within Orange County. This includes disputes related to employment contracts, business agreements, and more. Due to the adversarial process of litigation, it’s advisable that you choose experienced and proactive counsel who can work on your behalf to obtain the best outcomes in the California court system. Our years of working here lend itself to understanding the best course of action for your situation. If you are facing negotiations with another party that are quickly deteriorating, now is the time to talk with Brownstone Law to understand your best legal remedies.

Personal Injury Representation:

While it’s not an esteemed fact of life, personal injuries happen each day that could have been prevented. Many of our clients in Orange County who have suffered personal injuries experience difficulty in returning to daily responsibilities such as their professional lives, caring for children, commuting, and more. It’s important for people to realize that not all personal injury cases are frivolous or opportunistic in nature. On the contrary, we help clients recover damages that in many cases are owed to them from insurance providers. At times these providers are the ones unjustly complicating a process that was put in place as a remedy for people experiencing difficult circumstances due to personal injury. If you feel you are entitled to damages from a personal injury incident, or have questions in general, please contact one of our attorney’s today for a free consultation.

Call an Orange County Attorney Who Cares:

We at Brownstone are happy to serve Orange County in a variety of legal capacities and services. If you would like a private, confidential conversation about your financial, civil, or injurious situation please reach out to us for more information. Help is just a phone call away.

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Personal Finance Attorney

It needs to never be tricky to find a great finance law expert. It’s a quick, stress-free search if you know where to start. If you follow the general rules below, you should have an easy search.

  • If you need legal assistance but are experiencing financial hardships, there are finance law experts and organizations that might help. For qualified individuals that can prove their financial need, free legal representation may be available. Legal consultation to some clients who’ve financial hardships can be provided by some debt settlement lawyers. If a debt consolidation representative takes on a pro bono case, they might ask their client’s permission to use their case for advertising purposes.
  • Well-respected finance law legal experts will always keep a cool head in court. Litigations usually do not go smoothly and the debt consolidation representative can’t get the exact results wanted. The law could be tricky sometimes, and unexpected things could happen, but it surely is important that he or she keep an even temper in order to avoid making errors in your case. Like you’d talk to a prospective employee’s references, you should determine how your debt settlement representative handles rough patches and curve balls by talking to their previous clients prior to signing a legal contract.
  • Understand what specific kind of Debt Settlement Debt settlement attorney you want to hire. Usually Debt Settlement Debt settlement attorneys only practice in one or perhaps a few narrow areas of the law. If you make a list of Debt Settlement Debt settlement attorneys who have winning track records with cases that resemble yours, you can begin the task of finding the proper one for you. Before you make a commitment to working with a Debt Settlement Debt settlement attorney, quiz him or her thoroughly by asking questions that relate to the specific type of law your case requires.
  • Building up their online presence is the first priority of the smartest Debt Settlement Debt settlement attorneys. Check qualifications to see to it they could represent you effectively in court prior to you employee a finance law legal expert. Using online tools can make the research much easier. If possible, hire the debt settlement lawyer with the most positive online reviews.
  • There are debt consolidation representatives out there who are unscrupulous and care more about making money than they are in helping clients. Good debt settlement representatives aim to give the very best possible representation to clients in order to get favorable judgements. Your first job in a legal matter is to find a debt negotiation representative who will put a focus on superb customer service, and not on fattening their wallet. Good debt settlement representatives will always take the time needed to help you with your case in every way they could.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Finding the ideal attorney to fulfill your needs isn’t a particularly onerous task. You should have the opportunity to keep your stress level within reason; this search can be completed without too much effort. For a search that is stress-free, simply be guided by our recommendations.

  • A good attorney respects the bankruptcy lawyers with more experience. Legal representatives who’ve provided value in the community deserve respect from other lawyers. Younger attorneys commonly study how older lawyers became successful. These attorneys not only learn from them however they also look for tactics on how they won their previous cases.
  • A legal consultant practicing without a license is, ironically, in violation of the law. Your bankruptcy lawyer’s licenses should cover your state. Licenses hung on the wall are not decorative; they are displayed for clients to review at any time. You will see how thoroughly they know the law when you start to ask them specific questions.
  • For those who need legal representation but cannot afford to pay for it, there are attorneys and organizations that will help. If you can prove that you have the financial need you may qualify for free legal aid. Some attorneys do enjoy offering help to those who cannot afford by offering their services pro bono. Others may take on clients with financial difficulties if they agree to allow their case to be used in advertising.
  • Looking online for a legal representative can be overwhelming, so be sure to have a very clear idea of what you are searching for. Much of the info that is out there is inaccurate, misleading or completely untrue. Check a bankruptcy lawyer out in many ways before hiring him or her. You need to confirm that the prospective legal representatives are capable and can truly help you.
  • Bankruptcy lawyers are human and occasionally make blunders. Smart legal representatives always do their utmost to effectively ensure that they learn from any blunders that they’ve made. A respectable attorney realizes that no one is without flaws. Dependable legal representatives who make blunders will always be certain to apologize.
  • Before working with a potential legal consultant, first make an initial interview with them. Notice whether they make enough eye contact as you speak with them. If they are making eye contact with you, it is more likely they will be committed to your legal case. Never hire someone who doesn’t have enough focus on providing top-notch legal assistance.
  • The first step in your search for a great attorney is to decide what you are searching for in that person. Feedback from friends and family can help you immensely when it involves this. Even more, they will help you with characteristics to look for in a bankruptcy lawyer. If you want another alternative, conduct online searches and enjoy their plentiful results.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding quality legal representation, especially that which is cost effective, can be quite challenging. If you employee a legal consultant who is offering discounted rates for their services you will find that you’re in a position to save. You will be in a position to narrow down your list to affordable attorneys by employing these steps.

  • Legal representative fees can pile up and quickly become a financial disaster. You can find attorneys that are reasonably priced and are willing to offer a discount. If you look carefully you could possibly be able to find a legal representative that offers some limited free advice at an initial consultation. Some legal representatives love to take on pro-bono cases, because it makes them seem like they’re giving something important back to their communities.
  • Like businesses, legal representatives can also provide assurance of their services. You need to exercise due diligence to see if the claims are valid. Critically thinking about any material given is essential. The attorney’s reviews and feedback should also be considered.
  • Never assume what type of legal representative you need to represent you in court – always research your options and be very specific about your situation. Most attorneys choose a specialty and focus their efforts only on that type of case. Look for accident injury lawyers who have a great track record representing clients with cases similar to yours. Before you make a commitment to working with an attorney, quiz him or her thoroughly by asking questions that relate to the specific type of law your legal case requires.
  • An accident injury lawyer with a fine reputation to protect will always be honest with you if he or she feels not able to properly represent you in court. It’s a sign of integrity if a legal consultant informs you immediately if he or she lacks the skills necessary to deal with your legal case properly. There are some unscrupulous lawyers that can lie about their experience just to get your money. Gaining experience is often the reason legal representatives fudge their skills; they need to learn more about a different specialty.
  • A high quality attorney won’t force a client to pay for costs that are unnecessary or excessive. A top quality attorney will provide his services at reasonable prices and give the best effort and results he could. Make sure to research the background of any attorney you want to work with. The online world is incredibly helpful when researching attorneys; there’s endless information about them.
  • If you do not keep detailed, complete legal records, you may regret it later on. You should take notes when you’re consulting your accident injury lawyer. You should keep copies of all of your court pleadings, filings, legal forms, e-mail and regular mail communications. For your own records and safety, always obtain copies of legal documents.

Corporate Law Lawyer

A case could be big or small, but it’s always smart to hire a respected business law lawyer. You need to have a lawyer that can help you understand all of the particulars of the legal issues involved. The tips we’ve included here can help you find the ideal attorney to stand beside you in a court of law.

  • Students study and work hard in the quest to become corporate law legal representatives. When law students graduate, they are encyclopedias of legal info. When you’re looking to work with a popular corporate law legal representative, focus on experience as well as college grades. Request an interview so that you could confirm his or her qualifications and expertise.
  • Looking online for a legal consultant can be overwhelming, so be certain to have a very clear idea of what you are looking for. It is far too easy to become discouraged when you find too much or even inaccurate information. Check a business law lawyer out in many ways before hiring him or her. It’s going to always be worth your time to confirm that a lawyer is competent and can deliver the products.
  • Without being licensed, legal consultant cannot practice their profession. A corporate law legal representative not licensed for a particular state might not practice in that state. Clients have the right to see licenses at any time. Your business law lawyer’s answers to specific questions will allow you to determine the depths of his knowledge in the law.
  • If you find yourself leaving a message for your corporate law legal representative at his or her office, see to it you get an idea of what time you’ll get a return call. Your corporate law legal representative must communicate with you in an effective manner to avoid damaging your legal status. Resist the urge to make insignificant phone calls to your corporate law legal representative that may pull his or her attention away from administering your legal case effectively. Learning how to communicate strategically with your corporate law legal representative could be a big advantage when it involves preparing and winning a case.
  • Before deciding to work with an attorney, set up an initial interview. Look to make sure an attorney is making eye contact with you during an interview. This makes it more likely that they’re focused and committed to your case. Never hire someone who doesn’t have enough focus on providing top-notch legal help.
  • Building an on-line presence is exactly what an intelligent attorney would do. It’s always a perfect idea to verify the attorney’s credentials you are considering hiring. Help simplify the process of finding a business law lawyer by making use of online research tools. By using online reviews as a ranking tool, you can find a top-notch attorney and convince him or her to take your legal case.


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