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Do you live or work in Los Angeles, CA? Are you searching for award winning legal talent that can service both your personal and professional needs? Brownstone Law Group retains some of the best talent in the following focused areas of legal assistance.

Debt Settlement:

Many Los Angels consumers considering their financial options are often intrigued by debt settlement. This service is an aggressive approach to getting out of debt and typically works best for individuals that have experienced some sort of financial hardship and are struggling to make ends meet. Whether you are currently behind on payments and in collections or just getting by making minimum payments, debt settlement may be a viable option for you. As opposed to traditional qualifications such as credit, homeownership or income, debt settlement is hardship based and payments are constructed around your income and what you can afford to pay rather than what creditors demand you pay. There are many pros and cons to consider when thinking about Debt Settlement so it’s important that you speak to one of our attorney’s or counselors prior to making the decision if debt settlement is right for you. While many consumers search for debt consolidation, there are important differences to understand. Many restrictions and considerations apply, so it’s important that you speak to one of our counselors prior to making the decision if debt settlement is right for you.


Are you facing a personal, professional, or contractual dispute that requires legal representation? When agreements and contracts are broken, it can be challenging to navigate the legal framework and achieve a satisfactory resolution. At these junctures it’s best to engage an experienced Los Angeles litigation attorney who can represent your interests, and secure financial damages according to what you’re rightfully owed. Our attorney’s at Brownstone Law Group have experience in civil litigation, and are very familiar with the court system in Los Angeles, California. Do you have a case you would like insight on? Contact us today for an experienced evaluation.

Personal Injury:

Los Angeles residents experience personal injuries every single day. While accidents and unfortunate situations are a part of life, at times undue negligence can bring considerable strain to your life, work, and happiness. Situations like this require professional representation by a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles who understands your rights, knows how to present your case, and can secure satisfactory damages to help compensate for your trouble. If you’ve experienced a home, automobile, work, or otherwise disruptive injury, it’s time to have a serious conversation about your rights. Our experienced attorney’s will listen to your situation, outline your options, and advise you on the next steps to recovering what is rightfully yours.


If you’re facing unsustainable levels of personal debt, Brownstone can help you evaluate your bankruptcy options within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles, CA. One of the most common questions our clients face is selecting a bankruptcy filing option that is suitable for their personal and professional situation. This consideration is often clarified by taking the bankruptcy means test, a national legal requirement that consumers participate in prior to qualifying for Chapter 7 protection. Should a Chapter 13 be in order, we can help evaluate your budget, represent you before your creditors, and help you gain confidence in making this decision in the context of your future financial goals.

Call a Los Angeles Attorney Who Cares:

Brownstone Law Group is poised to help you with a variety of legal services in both your personal and professional spheres of life. If you are seeking financial well being, we can offer you sound advice advice ranging from consumer debt relief options to civil and personal injury litigation. There is never a fee to have your case considered, so contact us today to learn more about our legal services. We’re here to represent Los Angeles residents find successful resolution to their pressing legal concerns.


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