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Dec 18, 2015 | Debt Attorney, Debt Cancellation, Finance

Debt Consolidation Specialists for So. California

Press Release December 15, 2015, San Diego – Brownstone Law Group recently announced the opening of their new office in the San Diego area. This office is part of the legal firm’s mission to offer excellent legal representation to the tens of thousands of residents in the Southern California region who require their services. This is especially true in regards to their debt consolidation programs, which is foremost among the range of legal services they offer.

“We also offer legal assistance and representation for bankruptcy cases, civil litigation, and personal injury suits,” explains Thomas Moore, whose 23-year legal experience in personal injury cases has led him to found the Brownstone Law Group in 2010. “However, our primary focus is on representing consumer debtors and helping them to get vital debt relief.”

Many Americans are mired in debt, and credit card debt is an especially pernicious problem. According to, the average US household owes an average of $15,355 in credit card debt. Then there are the student loans ($47,712 average), auto loans ($26,530), and mortgages ($165,892).

“The main problem is that the median household income has only grown by 26% since 2003, even though food and beverage prices have increased by 37% and medical costs have risen by 51%,” reveals Moore. “Then you add the fact that consumers enormously underestimate the debt they actually have, and you have a great probability of having debt problems.”

The Brownstone Law Group – San Diego is on the leading edge in offering legal assistance for southern California residents who are failing or having difficulties in making their monthly debt payment. The first thing they offer is a consultation service that’s completely free and confidential.

“In the consultation, we review a client’s situation thoroughly, and then we come up with a course of action that fits the situation and that’s best for the client,” expounds Moore. “Our hands-on approach starts on day one, and we offer flexible debt program terms that are completely customized to the particular needs of each client.”

Ever since Brownstone Law Group was founded, the company has quickly established a sterling reputation for the successful legal assistance they have provided. They are a charter member of the Business Consumer Alliance with an AAA Rating, and they’re also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating.

“A problem with debt doesn’t always have to end with bankruptcy,” Moore points out. “For example, we have had a lot of success in using debt negotiation to help our clients reduce their unsecured debt.”

In debt negotiation, the law firm helps clients negotiate with creditors so that a lesser amount can be paid back. It is a structured savings plan designed to accumulate while settlements are negotiated with creditors.

“With debt negotiation, the goal is to come up with a realistic set-aside payment plan that accounts for practical needs of the client,” says Moore. “We take a client’s budget and upcoming financial needs into account, and often there’s a financial hardship such as medical expenses of job loss that must be considered.”

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